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Synthesizer Manuals: Madrona Labs

The Pacific Madrona, Arbutus menziesii, is a beautiful evergreen with distinctive reddish-brown peeling bark. It grows in the Pacific Northwest and down along the coast into California. Madronas have tenacious roots that can dig as deep as bedrock for water, so they often locate themselves on arid bluffs where other trees can't grow.

Randy Jones: Randy has been writing and shipping software tools for creative expression since 1998. He has been performing his own music since 2000 at festivals including MUTEK, Decibel and New Forms, as well as writing and lecturing on audiovisual composition.

Brian Willoughby: Brian's work hovers around that point where analog electronics and computers meet the physical world in a practical way: custom software, circuit design, and decades repairing stage-abused electronics. He has too many guitars, but not enough synthesizers.